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Jersey College For Girls

Lego Robot Wars Evening

Lego Robot Wars Evening

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Unleash the inner child in you and build Lego robots to enter the Robot Wars like arena! Each team will receive:

  • Training on how to build robots using Lego Spike Prime robotics kits
  • A Lego Spike Prime robotics kit for the evening
  • Extra Lego to allow your imagination to run wild

We expect all teams to take it far too seriously, be ridiculously competitive and for the evening to descend into a battle of egos, rule complaints and underhand cheating. Prepare to go back to your youth and have a huge amount of fun. 

Date: Friday 28th June 2024

Time: 6.30 - 9.30 pm

Host: Peter Le Masurier

Location: JCG

Cost: £40 a Team (Limited to 12 teams)

Please note: This programme is only open to participants aged 20 and over.

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