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Jersey College For Girls

Finding your Ikigai

Finding your Ikigai

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Spend an evening with Executive and Life Coach Gaëlle Deschamps. 

She will introduce the concept of Ikigai, a Japanese concept leading to a life filled with purpose, joy and fulfilment and help you start the journey of finding your own Ikigai. The evening will be fun, workshop-style where you will come out with more self-awareness and clarity. Ikigai helps making better choices in life, whether it’s what to study at uni, which profession is best suited for you, or mid career transitions. 

Come alone or even better with your daughter so you can support each other in this journey.

Date: Wednesday 19th June 2024

Time: 6:30 - 8.30pm.

Host: Gaëlle Deschamps - Executive and Life Coach

Location: JCG

Cost: £50

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